Your Hair Deserves Only The Best

Sep 30, 11 Your Hair Deserves Only The Best

We Latinas can appreciate the spice of life: variety – which is one of the reasons we’ve all tried a multitude of hair colors throughout our lives. Maybe we wanted to find out firsthand if blondes really do have more fun, or we wanted to go through the classic Latina stage of being a redhead for a while. Regardless of the shade or motive, chances are you used a L’Oreal product to achieve one of those transformations.

Not surprising, since L’Oreal is the number one hair coloring product in the world. LaCosmo was lucky enough to attend a L’Oreal-sponsored event and we got to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what it is that makes L’Oreal so amazing. Vice-President Julia Youssef tells us that the brand’s priority is the safety and integrity of the hair, and they take special care to only use products they know will stand the test of time.

They are also always looking for new ways to improve the coloring experience, such as creating the first crème developer and the mousse foam (which is the newest way to dye your hair – it’s as easy as shampooing, it’s lightweight and can be used on any type of hair).

Youssef also pointed out that L’Oreal’s Feria line is a veritable “treasure chest of jewels” for Latinas because of its ‘universal color’ quality, meaning the pigments show up on darker hair. As for tips to ensure a great dye-job, she recommends that before choosing a new hair color you check the box to see what level your hair is to determine what color you’re going to end up with (elementary as it may seem, it’s a common mistake).

And most importantly, always, always follow the directions on the box. They come in both English and Spanish, so there’s no excuse! So whether you’re looking for a permanent change, want to try a new color temporarily or just give your ‘do some oomph with some highlights, L’Oreal has got you covered.

Especially now with the current economy that the days of $200 salon visits are over; L’Oreal gives you professional results at home for a fraction of the price. Cha-ching! Treat your tresses to only the best, because they’re worth it!

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