Yeast Extract Is Good For The Skin, Who Knew?

Jul 30, 10 Yeast Extract Is Good For The Skin, Who Knew?

Skin care benefits fo yeast extractAs far as I know, the only purpose of yeast is to make bolillos and pan de quesos rise. Well, that and to give women infections, but fortunately I am not personally acquainted with that facet of it. Turns out, there’s more to yeast than meets the eye. Yeast extract is packed with nutrients like proteins, peptides and vitamins of the B group, so no wonder it’s a valuable ingredient in beauty products, except how come we didn’t know about it? Unlike Ricky Martin’s sexuality this was actually a well-kept secret.

Now that the cat is out of the bag you should know that yeast extract is a powerful moisturizer, promotes collagen synthesis, improves cell vitality and helps reduce hyperpigmentation. What this means is that it’s good for wrinkles and lightening dark circles under your eyes.  A good product that contains yeast extract is Origins’ No Puffery cooling mask for puffy eyes; apply daily and watch those obnoxious ojeras disappear. Other products may list yeast extracts as Biodynes so keep your (ojera-less) eyes peeled for this component in facial and under-eye creams.”


  1. Amelia /

    How about making a paste with some good oil like Jojoba and just applying it to your face?

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