Write It Down, Keep It Dry

Feb 22, 11 Write It Down, Keep It Dry

You’re a multi-tasker, even while you’re standing in the shower you’re making a grocery list in your head. Only problem is, by the time you step out you’ve forgotten half the stuff on the list. Then when you’re making dinner you realize you didn’t get the black beans or the rice, so how the hell are you supposed to make moros y cristianos? Not only that, the other day you came up with some great ideas for your work presentation while lathering on the shampoo, but, once again, all traces of your brilliance had evaporated by the time you were done rinsing. What you need is a way to keep track of all the ideas and self-reminders you come up with while getting wet, and Aqua-Notes is the way to do it. They’re waterproof pads that come with waterproof pencils you can put up in the shower so you can write down all those things that just pop into your head while relaxing under the hot water. Capture all those wayward thoughts so you’re never left standing in the middle of the condiment aisle trying to remember what it was you wanted to buy to spice up next week’s fajita night.

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