Winter Nail Polish Trends

Dec 15, 10 Winter Nail Polish Trends

A Blinged-Out Facial

Us Latinas take pride in our appearance. We like to look put-together and stay on top of the latest trends. And nothing says “I don’t give a crap about how I look” like rough, misshapen and/or dirty nails. Gross. No one says you have to be perfectly manicured at all times, but some basic upkeep is required. A handful of hang nails and chewed-up cuticles can be a bigger faux pas than the time you tried to kiss your gringa mother-in-law hello. For those of you who want to change it up from the tried and true French tips, take note of what your favorite celebrities are sporting on their fingertips this winter:

  • Dusty tones are all the rage, like the powder blue spotted on Rihanna; gray, pale violet and the dusty rose Eva Mendes prefers.
  • Go full-on winter wonderland with a white polish a la Kim Kardashian.
  • Or go the opposite route with a fierce Lady Gaga black. But unlike her, you may want to opt to keep your nails on the shorter side. Dark and super long? Not unless you want to further terrify the in-laws and your man while you’re at it.
  • Red is a perennial favorite, no matter the season. Warm up the winter blues with a warm hue or crimson and get ready to radiate class.

No more drab winter colors for you, chica. End 2010 with a bang of color!

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