Wi-Fi You Can Take With You

Nov 10, 10 Wi-Fi You Can Take With You

The back of your desk is a mess of cables. Laptop, printer, router, phone charger and God knows what else are tangled up in there worse than Britney’s weave. Wouldn’t it be great to do away with that snake-pit looking jumble? You’ll be able to soon, with Wi-Fi Direct certified devices. They’re like Bluetooth minus the hassle. As long as one device, say your phone or computer, is Wi-Fi Direct enabled you will be able to wirelessly connect to a host of other gadgets; no network, access point or Internet required. It’s portable Wi-Fi! Best of all? You won’t have to blow your Christmas shopping fund on new appliances when you should be blowing most of it on your man, mama, hermana and favorite prima. Gift envy runs rampant around the holidays. Any existing WiFi chip can be upgraded via firmware to handle Wi-Fi Direct. Fantastico! Wi-Fi Direct should be available some time before the holidays, so you can go ahead and add it to your list for el Niño Jesus, unless you can’t wait until midnight on Christmas Eve and need it, like, now. But maybe you can ask for a Busted-Weave-Repairer Direct for poor, oblivious Britney.

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