Why You Need A Little Sunshine

Jun 29, 10 Why You Need A Little Sunshine

Why You Need A Little SunshineMuchachas, did you know that our café-con-leche complexion helps us prevent skin cancer AND puts us at risk for vitamin D deficiency all at the same time? Ay, mi madre! With the sun’s rays becoming more and more dangerous, every doctor is saying we need to wear sunscreen at ALL TIMES, but having darker skin makes us produce more melanin, which is actually a natural sunscreen.

Melanin fights UV rays, but blocks the rays that produce vitamin D which helps our bones stay strong. So you’re telling me we are damned if we do, damned if we don’t? Darker skinned Latinas don’t tan as quickly which makes us think we don’t need daily sunscreen, but if we don’t want to look like a Latina version of George Hamilton in tacones then we need to put it on, ladies. As for the Vitamin D fix, we need to just remember that a little sunshine goes a long way. I’m talking DIRECT sunshine, mujer! Vitamin D does not penetrate through glass, so the next time you’re enjoying the warmth near a window go outside instead, and for 15-20 minutes every day, groove under the sun without any sunscreen on. Now here’s a time when you can feel good about not using protection. Wink, wink.”

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