Why To Switch To Organic Foods

Jun 11, 10 Why To Switch To Organic Foods

Why To Switch To Organic FoodsWe keep getting bombarded about organic food. The media tells us how much healthier it is for us while our moms tell us they never fed us organic stuff “Y aquí estás, enterita”. You have to admit, they have a point. Of course, they’re not all that informed and all they hear is “more expensive”. So in order to help you decide if the switch is right for you we are going to give you some good, specific reasons.

First and foremost, organic food is packed with way more nutrients than regular food; it has much larger quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, omega-3 acids and more. So basically you’re getting more bang for your buck.  Another reason is that the pesticides and chemicals used on non-organic foods can eventually cause fertility problems as well as harm your immune system, making you more susceptible to getting sick. Organic 2, non-organic 0. Finally, new studies have discovered that some of those chemicals could actually be making you fat by interfering with your hormone levels. Color me converted. Next time I’m in el mercado, I’ll be sure to pick me up some organic basics. The best foods to start with are milk, eggs, meat and poultry. As for fruit and vegetables, you can check out LaCosmo’s guide to that on The Dirty Bunch. Read more on why and how to go organic here.  Your pocket may not love you for it, but your health and your waistline will thank you.”

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