Why Heels Hurt Even When They’re Off

Jan 20, 11 Why Heels Hurt Even When They’re Off

Some old-school mamis and abuelas live in high heels, despite advanced age and constant physical activity. Oddly enough, they never complain about pain while they wear the heels, but rather when they take them off. That’s the opposite of our generation; we love our Steve Maddens and Manolos more than Justin Bieber loves Selena Gomez, but let’s face it, sometimes we just cannot wait to get out of them. The reason for the high heel-less pain is that they shorten the fibers in our calf muscles thus making our Achilles tendons shorter and thicker. While the heels are on, the legs are elevated so there’s no pain but once they come off, the muscles become overstretched and hell will be paid. You know there is no way us señoritas (or our fashionable mamis) are ever going to get rid of our heels, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with the pain. A few simple stretches can soothe those calf muscles and dissipate the pain. Simply stand on your tiptoes and lower and raise your heels repeatedly. About 20 reps per day should do the trick and then it’s back on the horse, er, heels again!

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