Why And How To Avoid Chlorine

Jun 16, 10 Why And How To Avoid Chlorine

Why And How To Avoid Chlorine I enjoy a good swim in the pool as much as anyone else. The smell of chlorine usually evokes memories of summer afternoons spent with the family around a barbacoa and swimming until I was wrinkly as a prune. Nowadays it makes me think ‘Auxilio, ultra-moisturizers please!’

Chlorine can leave your hair and skin feeling dryer than a barrel cactus in the Atacama Desert. What I didn’t know is that I was coming home to as much chlorine in my shower as in the pool! Why speed up the aging process with harsh chemicals? It’s time to invest in a good shower filter and caress your skin with drops of invigorating and chemical-free water. You’ll notice suppler skin and softer hair right away. Feeling a little tired?  Chlorine is a leading cause of fatigue. Using a shower filter can increase energy levels as well as help prevent health problems. More energy, radiant skin and healthier hair.  Chica, need I say more?”

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