Who Should Pay On The First Date?

May 10, 11 Who Should Pay On The First Date?

We know you’re a strong, independent, modern chica who can take care of herself. That, however, does not mean that you don’t appreciate chivalry, especially when you are being wooed. Is it outdated to expect the man to pay on the first date? We at LaCosmo don’t think so. This, we think, helps set the tone for the rest of the relationship (if one actually develops). Do you really want to go out on a second date with a guy who is too cheap or not interested enough to pay for you? Although let’s be clear that the issue is not about money, it’s about being un caballero and showing that he’s into you. It’s obvious that she can pay more than her share of the bills, but you can bet that Gerard Piqué did not conquer Shakira by going Dutch on their first date. Ultimately, it’s about being treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve. There will be other occasions further down the road when it will be appropriate for you to split the bill, or even for you to pick up the entire check, but not on the first date. Call us old-fashioned, but we think there are some traditions worth holding on to.


  1. John Moreno_Escobar /

    I believe in “caballerosidad”, and for the first date the man should pay for the meal. On the other hand, I also believe that girls have to pay at least half if the relationship develops, is all about equity for woman, then play fair. Great work – Cosmopolatina.


  2. Jai Mami's Time Out /

    I agree unless the chica asked the caballero out. Then I would say she should pay unless he offers. El que invita, paga.

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