When It Comes To Beauty, Sample Don’t Gamble

Jan 26, 11 When It Comes To Beauty, Sample Don’t Gamble

You and your amigas are always sharing beauty secrets and products; trying out new things, recommending stuff that works and bashing stuff that doesn’t. It’s always fun discovering a new mascara that actually plumps lashes or a moisturizer that smells fantastic and is not greasy. But these little treasure hunts don’t always come cheap. For every great product that you purchase, there are a couple more that are a complete waste of your hard-earned dinero. If only you could try them out for yourself before committing to buying the full-size tube of lip gloss that looked gorgeous in its package, but ended up feeling and tasting like you slathered Crazy Glue on your mouth. You can, when you sign up for Birchbox. For $10 a month you will receive four or five high-end beauty samples so you can try them and then decide if they’re worth the splurge. You can buy them directly from Birchbox, and they also offer the best tips and tricks you never even thought of. You can also accumulate points by referring friends and filling out surveys, which you can later use towards products you want to buy. Spread the word, because your amigas will definitely want to know about this!

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