What’s The Rush?

Mar 26, 10 What’s The Rush?

find speeding traps Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: I’m not trying to encourage anyone to break the law over here. Just trying to help you avoid an unnecessary speeding ticket, OK? No, there’s no flirting with cops or bribery involved. Leave that to skanky celebs who can’t afford another DUI.

You simply need to familiarize yourself with Trapster (http://trapster.com), an application you can install on your phone that lets you know where all the speed traps are. Information is updated by users in real time so you always get the most accurate alerts. You can also contribute by reporting the speed traps you know of. The whole thing may sound a little dicey, but it is perfectly legal. Some cops even say they’re OK with it since it helps them to accomplish their intended goal, which is to get you to slow down, missy. Remember que de las carreras no queda sino el cansancio (y el ticket).


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