What You Need To Know About GPS

Jul 28, 10 What You Need To Know About GPS

My sense of direction is virtually non-GPS basicsexistent. I have a hard time reading a map of Disneyland, and getting lost has become a daily occurrence. That’s why GPS’s exist, for those of us who can get lost on their way to the kitchen.

A GPS is a Global Positioning System that relies on satellites orbiting the Earth to receive navigation information (including location, velocity and time). Originally developed for the military, nowadays anyone can own a GPS. You can use it when driving, hiking, sailing or for tracking down your mami when she wanders off among the countless booths of el mercado de las pulgas. With a GPS you can know how far you’ve run and track your path so you can find your way back, or find a bank or a restaurant when you’re out of town. GPS’s work anywhere on Earth in practically any weather conditions, 24/7, for free (you don’t need to be subscribed to any type of service). Features to look for when choosing which one to buy are compatibility with your computer, mapping software, display, data storage and power source.  Popular brands include Garmin, Magellan, Tom Tom and Lowrance; and they can cost anywhere from $70 up to $2,000. Downside? We Latinos are infamous for our unpunctuality. With a GPS, you can never attribute tardiness to getting lost ever again.”

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