What topic should a woman avoid on the first 3 dates with you? Why?

[guapo1]Best question for a woman to avoid is, “So, what do you do?”, even though I have a killer answer. Ha ha. There are other ways to size a man up that should be more important, if a relationship is what she is interested in.[/guapo1]
[guapo5]I would say marriage but honestly I don’t really have an issue avoiding any particular topic because it all comes out in the end. In fact, I would rather everything come out in the beginning in order to avoid wasting time in the future.[/guapo5]
[guapo6]I always stay away from topics dealing with past relationships, marriage and personal problems. And I expect the same in return.[/guapo6]
[guapo4]It doesn’t really matter. I am an open book.[/guapo4]

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