What superstar would you most like to bang? Why?

[guapo1] Superstar and bang are words I left behind in high school, ha ha, but thanks for the laugh.
I’ve had the same celeb crush all my life, Jackie O. [/guapo1]
[guapo5] I would say probably Zooey Deschanel at this point. She is more cute than anything else and has a sense of quirkiness that I find enticing. Plus, I think it would be amusing to see what it would be like for such a dorky person to have sex. [/guapo5]
[guapo4] My girlfriend!! ;) I just know she’d make any superstar look stupid. Trust me! “Superstardom” doesn’t equate to being good in the sack. Ya know? But honestly it wouldn’t offend her no matter who I said. [/guapo4]
[guapo6] I can only think of one lady; my woman. [/guapo6]

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