What Every Latina Should Know About Breast Cancer

Oct 28, 11 What Every Latina Should Know About Breast Cancer

As if diabetes and osteoporosis weren’t bad enough, now it turns out as Latinas we are at higher risk for breast cancer. Juuuust great. So what is it about our Hispanic ta-tas that makes them prone to developing the big C? Being too busy to get checked, putting others before ourselves, believing Diosito’s healing powers are better than any doctor’s. Time for a wake-up call chicas! We need to be more aware and proactive to keep this terrifying disease at bay. Orbit Gum and The Bright Pink Awareness Program have teamed up with E!’s Giuliana Rancic to help dispel common misconceptions about breast cancer and educate women on breast health with a series of awesome videos, which you need to check out ASAP. They also offered us some great and easy tips to help you stay one step ahead of the dreaded beast:

  • Find out your family’s cancer history and share with your doctor so you can come up with an appropriate strategy to manage your health.
  • Be aware of the symptoms and designate a ‘bosom buddy’ so you can remind each other to keep up with your chest check-ups. That includes giving yourself self-breast exams and going in for your mammograms.
  • Limit your fat intake and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body and reduce your risk of contracting cancer.

After all your lolas have done for you, it’s time to do something for them and give them some serious TLC.

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