Weighty Woes

May 07, 10 Weighty Woes

luggage scale

I suffer from chronic over-packing mania, a disorder I’m sure many of you are well acquainted with. But it’s not our fault if we want to be covered for every eventuality, right señoritas? It’s all about having options.  However, OPM coupled with a minor souvenir shopping compulsion means I don’t need Walter Mercado to know that I’ll be in big trouble when it’s time to pack for the trip back home.

I hate having to pay overweight luggage fees. And since we’re not lucky enough to have Dora The Explorer’s magic backpack (which can fit anything from a spacesuit to a ladder), how can we know beforehand if we’ve gone over the limit or if it’s still safe to jam a couple more things in there? Easy, just use Edwards’ Luggage Digital Scale. Attach it to your suitcase’s handle and lift until it beeps. The reading will come up on a small screen, and you’re good to go. The scale is small and portable and can handle up to 44kgs (97 lbs), which should be more than enough for even the most avid packers. Just make sure you leave enough room in there for the scale, right next to the kitchen sink.”

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