Wax On, Wax Off

Aug 30, 11 Wax On, Wax Off

Candles are great; everyone loves them for different reasons. They’re good for aromatizing a room, creating ambiance or to offer up a prayer to la Virgencita. One not-so-great aspect of candles, though, is the almighty messes spilled wax can cause if it sticks to difficult surfaces. Carpets and walls are especially tough to clean (if you’re wondering how candle wax might end up on a wall, don’t ask. These things just happen), so you might want to try the following tips which are sure to make clean-up a lot easier:

  • If you’ve got wax stuck on walls, melt it a little with a hair dryer. Once it has melted enough, blot with plain white paper towels. Note we said ‘white’, if they have designs on them they might leave marks on the wall making the mess worse. Also, remember to blot not wipe or you’ll end up smearing the wax all over and making a bigger stain.
  • The wax probably will leave a colored stain on the wall; just use any commercial cleanser appropriate for the type of paint on the wall.
  • For wax-flecked carpet (not a good look), you must first let the wax dry and harden. Proceed to cover the stain with a brown paper bag or a sheet of newspaper and run the iron (previously set to high) over the bag or newspaper. The bag/paper will absorb the wax, just keep moving it around to use the clean parts of it once it has gotten wax on it. Follow up with a carpet cleaner to remove any residual stains. This technique also works on clothing.

Now try and keep those crazy shenanigans to a minimum to avoid dealing with this again.

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