Waste Not, Want Not

Mar 17, 10 Waste Not, Want Not

online produce trading community How many times during your childhood were you guilt-tripped into cleaning your plate? Every parent had a variation of the “tantos niños en el mundo muriendose de hambre.” speech. You ended up sitting at the table for hours past dinnertime bravely forcing every last piece of broccoli or beets down your throat under your dad’s vigilant eye and the looming threat of your mom’s proverbial chancleta.

These days there’s an easier, less gag-inducing way to deal with excess veggies. Veggie Trader (www.veggietrader.com) is an online community that allows users to buy, sell or trade homegrown produce. If you grow your own fruit, vegetables or herbs you can sell or trade your surplus with other users in your area instead of letting them go to waste. No need to worry if you’re not agriculturally inclined, you can also just buy whatever items you need. The produce is more affordable and healthier than your local supermarket’s, plus it’s environmentally friendly. And if you’re scarred for life and still feeling guilty about the starving children, there is also the option of donating the produce to local food charities. It’s a win-win all around, not least of all because you never have to eat beets again.


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