Walk Of Shame Kit

Dec 27, 10 Walk Of Shame Kit

The Right Red For Every Latina

We all make mistakes. Like waking up in the arms of some guy you met at the New Year’s party last night. To be completely honest with you, he started off okay but after the 5th coquito he magically transformed into a hot-as-hell Rafael Nadal look-alike. All bets were off once the salsa was blaring and you were rockin’ your “loca, loca, loca” moves till 4 AM.  You managed to sneak out undetected by what’s-his-name-again, but now you have to face the disapproving looks of your vecinos chismosos. Hell will be had if the news travels back to your mom or tías. Damn them! Not to worry. The good folk at Clubmerch created the Walk of Shame Kit just for those unexpected hookups. It comes with the whole kit and caboodle: Dress, flip flops, backpack (obviously to hide your rumpled-up party dress and 3-inch heels), sunglasses, pre-pasted toothbrush, wipes, Call/Don’t call leave-behind note card and an awareness bracelet. Now you can feel good about being oh-so-bad because a portion of the proceeds from your purchase are donated to a breast cancer foundation. So don’t feel so bad, loca. Some mistakes are worth making”

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