Viva La Pepa

Mar 09, 10 Viva La Pepa

how to keep guacamole fresh How annoying is it to have to serve guacamole that looks more like frijoles refritos, after you worked so hard to make sure it came out looking appetizing and fresh? Aaargh, curse you…you…who, exactly? What is it that keeps messing up our close-to-perfect guac? In one word: oxidation. That is the reaction that the avocado’s (and some other fruits’) flesh sustains when exposed to oxygen.

To help slow down this snack-ruining process, keep the pit in the mix; it helps physically block the air from getting to your precious dip. Add a few drops of lime or lemon juice as well, the vitamin C they contain is a powerful ally in the war against oxidation. Finally, cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap to ensure maximum freshness. Your next batch of guacamole will be killer! Just please remember to remove la pepa before serving. You don’t want it to be killer in the literal sense.

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