Virtual Makeovers

May 07, 10 Virtual Makeovers

virtual makeover

Back in the day, when abuelas wanted a makeover they had to take a leap of faith. Sometimes the end result was a masterpiece, sometimes it was a disaster (but a gray hair was never to be seen, regardless!) Nowadays, modern technology allows us to look before we leap. If you’re just wondering what you would look like with J.Lo’s Oscars ‘do or how Kate Gosselin’s pre-Dancing With The Stars porcupine locks would look atop your noggin, the suspense is over.

With In Style’s virtual Hollywood makeover tool you can upload your picture and in mere seconds you can start trying on dozens of celeb coifs like Jessica Alba’s, Salma Hayek’s, even Rihanna’s crazy pompadour. Complete your fabulous new look with make-up, colored contacts and teeth whitening. Instant glam! At Taaz you can find the same makeover tools but you have the option of uploading your own picture or using one of their models. Also, the peinados don’t come from celebrities, so there’s a wider selection and you can experiment with highlights and lowlights. Take advantage of these apps to test new looks and help you decide what looks good on you, before you go spend a fortune in el salón de belleza. Or at least to have a good laugh.”

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