Victoria Cepeda

Nov 11, 11 Victoria Cepeda

City you live in:
North Bergen, NJ.

English/Spanish/ Spanglish?
English/Spanish – Since I am foreign born it’s easier for me to speak either English or Spanish. Spanglish is an acquired art that I have yet to master.

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
Red beans, Garbanzos (chick peas), arroz con guandules, picadillo and maduros. Any combo of these Latin “delicias” and I am there like white on rice.

What is your Latina contradiction?
My biggest Latina contradiction is balancing being Dominican while promoting the importance of also contributing to the US without being a “sell out”. The two can co-exist harmoniously.

When you think of Latin culture what are the first words you think of?
The sea “el Mar“, merengue, salsa as well as memorable poets and writers like Mir, Neruda, Lorca and Carpentier, among others.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
My parents and I are Dominicans. My paternal grandma and great grandma hailed from Ponce, PR.

Latina? American? Both?
Latina with a great respect for America.

Favorite Latin artist or music?
Juan Luis Guerra and the late Celia Cruz.

iPhone or BlackBerry?
Neither, I’ve a Motorola LG.

How do you describe your style?
Hmmm, elegant and trendy but conservative. A peek is far sexier than a full frontal.

What’s your favorite Latin restaurant?
El Malecon in Washington Heights. It takes me back home with every bite and taste of their food.


[name]Victoria Cepeda[/name]

[description]Elegant and trendy but conservative.[/description]


Twitter: @Vicky522

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