Uses For Brown Paper Bags

Aug 12, 10 Uses For Brown Paper Bags

uses for brown paper bagsBrown paper bags are most commonly associated with the packed lunches we brought to school or the mysterious contents of the one el Dr. Chapatín carried around with him at all times (did we ever find out what was in that thing?). But brown paper bags are so much more versatile than you ever would have thought. They can be recycled to serve many purposes around the house.

For instance, they are great for soaking up the oil of fried foods, like plaintains. Save money and paper towels: double score! Storing fruit and vegetables in the bags helps the produce ripen quickly, which is great for when you need that avocado to soften up fast to make guacamole. If someone spilled hot candle wax on your tablecloth or carpet, simply place a strip of brown paper bag over the spot after you’ve scraped off the worst of it. Running a warm iron over it will cause the wax to melt and adhere to the paper. So easy it’s almost magical. During the winter you can line your car’s windshield with ripped up bags at night. In the morning you can just peel the bag off taking all the ice and snow with it, thus saving you el fastidio of having to scrape it off. Who knew that plain old brown paper bags could be so multifaceted? All hail the bag!”

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