Useful Everyday Tips V2.0

May 14, 10 Useful Everyday Tips V2.0

It’s that time once again, when we round up useful everyday tipsthe best household tips nuestras mamas and the web have to offer and share the wealth with you. I don’t know about you but my free time is precious, and I don’t particularly enjoy spending it trying to scrub out that sangria stain from my carpet, courtesy of “Butterfingers Barbara” (thanks a lot, girl). So you know what I found out?

The most effective way of dealing with carpet stains is plain old, white shaving cream. Note I said white. Menthol, colored or gel shaving creams don’t work. Apply liberally, let sit for 15 minutes, blot and voilà. The carpet will live to see another day (and another accident). I also don’t enjoy ruining my manicure trying to remove pesky price stickers from my new purchase, so now I just apply direct heat from a blow-dryer for about 45 seconds get rid of those sticky bastards. Finally, Fluffy is real cute and all but the pet hair all over the house is driving me crazy (I’m not pet-sitting again, Barbara). The easiest way to scoop it up is to rub the furniture with rubber gloves (just the usual kind you wear when doing el oficio) and the hair will stick to the gloves. Submerge your hands in water and the hair will immediately unstick. Final tip: seriously re-think friendship with Barbara.”

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