Use PassFault to Find Every Fault in Your Password

Aug 14, 12 Use PassFault to Find Every Fault in Your Password

Every morning I must use five different passwords in my every day routine. Personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and that’s all before noon, chicas! Not only would I have had to memorize all of those passwords but I would have to make sure that they are strong enough against those vicious hackers. Because you know, they want to get into my Pinterest account and start pinning away. Esos descarados!

Remember how we solved the problem of keeping all our passwords in one place? You do subscribe to the tips I labor over just for you, right? That’s what I thought. Well now you can test your password before you save it. With Passfault you merely enter the password you want to use and it analyzes its hacking capabilities. It let’s you know approximately how long it would take to identify your password “PapiChulo96” for your Spotify account. Dios mio! Turns out it takes less than three months to find the password! Better change that after I finish here.

One last note, length is important. Isn’t it always? So keep in mind, the longer, the better. I’m talking about your password. Girl, you’re so nasty.


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