Under My Shuella

Feb 23, 10 Under My Shuella

umbrellas for your shoes You roll out of bed and el sol y el cielo azul are telling you that today is the day to break out your new black patent leather pumps. Fast forward eight hours later and you’re wishing you had turned on the TV for the forecast because it looks like your brand new pumps might not make it through the sudden downpour. Sound a little familiar?

Ladies, I have a solution for you divas that don’t like to sacrifice fashion for any occasion. Say hello to Shuella, the umbrella for your shoe. I’ve gotten into the habit of packing my heavy rain boots when I know the weather won’t cooperate with my fashion sense, and this ingenious invention has simplified my life. Shuellas are intended for wearing over your shoes so you can protect those darling heels. The shoe raincoats come in black as well as bright colors like pink, green and yellow. You can fold your Shuellas after each use and stash them in a pouch about the size of a makeup bag. Now why didn’t I think of that? Get your Shuellas here.

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