True Love Begins With You

Feb 08, 12 True Love Begins With You

It’s wonderful to be in love. Valentine’s Day is next week and we all want that special relationship. Your abuelos celebrate their silver anniversary and you do a Hail Mary that yours will last that long and not be the next Kardashian marriage nightmare. But even the best have their moments. El secreto? Concentrate on yourself and love your partner for who he is because he is also a work in progress. The end result? Think Michelangelo’s Statue of David.

Maybe the Army has it right. Be all that you can be. You will transform into this amazing Latina Diva and your novio will have to work just as hard on himself to be as awesome as you. If not, some Juan Alfonso Baptista look alike will sweep you off your feet.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Family therapist, Hal Runkel bases his practice on advising couples to focus on being selfish by focusing on ourselves and not the flaws of our partner. It’s simple but so difficult to do because we have been taught as Latinas to take care of our man and put his needs before our own. The thought might make your familia cringe in public. However, inside they are cheering you on because they know that if the relationship is going to last until a silver anniversary then you can’t allow yourself to get tarnished in the process.


  1. Franchesca /

    Never throw away your dreams for a man – well said!

  2. Itzel Yagual /

    This is very true. How can anyone give love if one does not love or care for thyself! On this day everyone should cherish who they are as well as qualities. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing!

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