Top 3 Health Risks For Latinas

Jul 15, 10 Top 3 Health Risks For Latinas

latina health risksAs Latinas, there are multiple challenges we have to face. Some are more obvious than others, like dealing with stereotypes and stigmas. Others don’t seem to come up too often, although they’re just as serious. Like health issues. I know most of our mamis and abuelitas seem invincible (how do they not ever get sick? Must be all those home remedies) but Latinas are more prone to certain diseases than other segments of the population.

Like osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones. Research shows 1 in 10 Latinas over 50 has it. In order to prevent it you need to get plenty of calcium and vitamin D, exercise, quit smoking and limit alcohol. Latinas are also twice as likely as non-Hispanic white women to get diabetes, which increases the risk of osteoporosis. Prevent it by maintaining a healthy weight, develop healthy eating habits (keep it low-fat and balanced) and getting regular exercise. These steps will also help manage high cholesterol, which many Latinas suffer from due to our rich diets. Spread the word and help keep our community healthy and strong, that way we’ll have our mamis and abuelitas para un rato mas.



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