To Turn Off Your Computer Or Not, That Is The Question

Oct 09, 10 To Turn Off Your Computer Or Not, That Is The Question

Give your computer a break, chica! You work it to the bone all day, writing reports and creating spreadsheets and OK, catching up on the latest celeb gossip on Perez Hilton too. After all this activity, should you set it to sleep mode at night or turn it off completely? Let’s examine the differences.When your computer is in sleep or standby mode it consumes almost no energy while allowing you to save your work and avoiding having to reboot. But almost no energy is not the same as NO energy.

Turning it off completely will save you dinero off your electricity bill, plus there are the obvious environmental advantages. Laptops will have a longer battery life if they are turned off when not in use. An added benefit of powering off is enhanced security. Even in sleep mode, computers are vulnerable to hacking if connected to the Internet. It is one thing to have las tias chismosas snooping through your pictures, quite another to have some shameless hacker steal your personal info. Turning off your computer can also help prevent crashes during the day and improve performance since programs are rebooted and errant processes that consume unnecessary RAM or CPU time are eliminated. As a rule of thumb, sleep mode is OK if your computer is going to be idle less than 24 hours; turning off completely is recommended for any longer than that. We all need to catch some z’s to recharge and be at our sharpest, and your computer is no different period.

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