Raccoon Eye Blues? Smudge Proofing Mascara

Jan 23, 12 Raccoon Eye Blues? Smudge Proofing Mascara

So you’re finally flirting with the Enrique Iglesias look-alike you’ve had your eye on for months, and you’re giving him your sultriest, ven-a-mi look when you suddenly catch a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and realize your mascara has completely smudged under your eyes. Aaargh! Here you thought you looked super sexy, but all you looked like was a horny raccoon. It seems no matter what you try your mascara always ends up smudging, usually at highly inconvenient times. If even waterproof mascara is not doing the job, try these tips to ensure eyes like a telenovela star (not the one who is always crying):

  • If you use eye cream or any type of lotion before applying makeup, give it enough time to dry before putting on your mascara. Skin that’s too hydrated can cause smudges.
  • Dust a bit of translucent powder around your eyes to help absorb excess oils. Bonus: the yellow undertones of the powder help counteract red tones. Win!
  • Remove excess mascara from the wand with a tissue. The less product on your lashes, the less will end up on your face. This also helps prevent clumps and clustered lashes.
  • El toque final is a coat of clear mascara. It acts kind of like a sealant, locking in color and protecting your lashes.

Now go and flutter those pestañas with confidence!

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