Tighter Pores With Your Morning Joe

Feb 18, 11 Tighter Pores With Your Morning Joe

Café con leche, cortado, colada, perico; anyway you put it, coffee is the miracle brew that gets you through the day. But it’s good for so much more than that, it’s a jack of all trades. We told you how to use coffee to deodorize your hands, and you know how they have it in little bowls in perfume stores to ‘cleanse your palate’ between spritzes of different fragrances (which believe me, will come in real handy after you catch a whiff of Lady Gaga’s new perfume). Now you will find out how it can help shrink your pores faster than Eva Longoria rebounded with Penelope Cruz’s brother.

There are two ways you can go about it: you can apply warm, used coffee grounds to your face for one minute, or you can place 2 cups of medium to light-roast beans (these varieties contain more caffeine than dark beans) in a bowl with hot water. Once the water has cooled down a bit, splash it on your face for instantly tighter skin. Ta-da! Brewing coffee in the morning just got a whole lot prettier.

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