Three Go-To Looks For Perfect

Sep 02, 11 Three Go-To Looks For Perfect

Us chicas like to look our best wherever we go. Sure, we’ve all snuck out to la tienda in our chanclas and messy hair a couple of times, but those were emergencies and no one saw.  Every other time, though, we take care to look as nice as possible regardless of what look we are going for. And, boy, do we like to experiment with different looks, even if some of them go awry at times. However, there are at least three surefire looks that are guaranteed to be a hit every time:

  • Red Carpet Ready: go for old Hollywood glamour with flawless skin, smoky eyes and dramatic red lips. To achieve this, use a full-coverage foundation that won’t gather in your fine lines and black liquid eyeliner and individual lash extensions for dramatic eyes. For the smoky effect, apply a shimmery light-gray eye shadow directly underneath your eyebrows, and then blend a darker color on the bottom. Finish with a matte red lipstick in a tone that compliments your skin.
  • Telenovela Hair: a high ponytail is dramatic yet versatile. It transitions from day to night seamlessly. Start by applying some anti-frizz or straightening cream on your hair and brushing it out. Next, bend over and flip your hair over your head. Gather it with your hands as high as you can and secure with an elastic band. Listo! You’ll look like you just walked off the set of Doña Bella.

Natural Glow: Sometimes less is more. You can look dewy and fresh with just a little rose-colored blush on the apples of your cheeks, a light layer of mascara (use a curling or volumizing brush if needed) and a coat of pink lip gloss. So pretty and easy!

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