This Band is the Bomba Estéreo

Feb 07, 12 This Band is the Bomba Estéreo

When your Colombian friend invited you over for a steaming cup of Chocolate caliente in a mug con queso blanco you were a bit weirded out. Sounded like an unlikely pairing, right? But at first sip you happily thought, “Dios mio! This is actually really good.” Ha. Who knew?

Same thing with the Latin band straight from Bogotá; Colombia, Bomba Estéreo. They blend traditional Colombian Cumbia with electronica and churn out a sexy, infectious fusion with dash of picante and a bit of Spanglish called Electro Vacilón or Electro Tropical. Unexpected, but holy cow, catchy as heck. This isn’t your mother’s Cumbia.

The tracks Fuego, Feelin’ and Cosita Rica will get your booty shakin’ like it’s nobody’s business. And no, they’re not new. Bomba has been around for over 10 years and have performed at prestigious music festivals like Bumbershoot, Bonnaro and Coachella to name a few. They’re even catching on in the US among the gringos in Tinseltown. Their music has even been featured on an episode of Dexter and the movie Limitless. I can see it now. First, it was Shakira. Then Sofia Vergara. Next. It’s Bomba Estereo taking the town by storm. Yep. The Colombians have arrived, Hollywood.

Their mix of Cumbia and techno may sound weird in theory, but once you start to play it, the   intoxicating beat will make you want to move it, move it all night. Of course, at 12:38 AM on a school night, it’s time to check out. You need your beauty sleep, chica.

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  1. Ammu /

    Dame! You are already south of LAX? ahhnhh! you are almost done! you have to get to your goal! you have come so far! I don’t care if you bike, stateboard or walk there, now you have to finish! Almost done, 4 more days! RAGE ON!

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