Think Unique

May 21, 10 Think Unique

dna portraits As a child, leaving fingerprint marks around the house was cause for a regaño. Nowadays it’s considered art. DNA11 turns your former mischief into the most unique portraits you will ever find, no matter where you look. How unique? Well, let’s just say there will never be two alike.

That’s because they’re made from your fingerprints, your lip prints or your DNA. They will send you a kit for you to collect your prints and/or DNA (No worries, no blood required. Just swipe the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab à la CSI) and a few weeks later you’ll get your very own one-of-a-kind portrait. There are different sizes and colors to choose from so you can further customize your piece. What? You thought they just came in plain old black and white? Bo-ring! Your mom will be glad to know you’re keeping your fingerprints framed on the wall and off the freshly-cleaned windows.”

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