They Decide For You

Dec 13, 11 They Decide For You

We chicas are expert shoppers. It’s like a gift passed down generation to generation. Abuela could find the best bargains on Goya beans and Café Bustelo, and we can find the best deal on anything from a pair of Brian Atwood heels to a bottle of the best Chilean wine. The only hitch in our perfect shopping record is…electronics, those devilish machines. If we buy some high-end gadget at full price they go on sale the next day, and if we wait for the sale they sell out in seconds. Not to mention the fact that the minute we buy something, the newer model comes out rendering our purchase obsolete. So annoying. If only there was a way we could predict the trends of those damn aparatos. Well, now there is! Decide is our new best shopping partner. Decide gives advice on whether to buy now or wait for the price to drop, or if we should just hold off until the newer model comes out. All of their predictions are based on carefully conceived algorithms, so it’s not just a bunch of people guessing. They’re pretty accurate, so pay them a visit if you want to save a few bucks this Christmas when picking out gifts for the techies in your life.

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