The VPL And How to Elude It

Aug 29, 11 The VPL And How to Elude It

You know all about GTL, AOL and LOL, but have you heard about VPL? If not, you’re about to and you better listen up because this one concerns all of us chicas. VPL is the fly in the ointment of an otherwise perfect outfit: the Visible Panty Line – so tacky. The outline of your underwear showing through your dress or pants can kill any ensemble faster than a Betty Suarez-style poncho. So freaking annoying. So, how to avoid the villainous VPL? There are several ways to enjoy a sleek and line-free silhouette:

  • The most obvious choice that immediately springs to mind is wearing a thong. But not everyone enjoys having a strip of fabric embedded in their butt crack. If wearing a tanga is not for you, try boy shorts or French knickers. The longer cut will eliminate the visible line across the butt without making you feel like you need to go to confession after wearing them.
  • Shapewear is also a great alternative; not only do you get to avoid the dreaded VPL but you get some added emphasis to your curves. Va-va-voom!
  • Last but not least, this suggestion is not for the weak at heart. You can avoid every trace of panty lines by removing the, ahem, source problem itself. That is, you can try going commando – if you dare.

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