The Untouchables

Mar 19, 10 The Untouchables

how to make plants live longer If you’re more Dr. Kevorkian than Martha Stewart when it comes to gardening, join the club. Although I would like nothing more than to have luxurious plants and flowers adorning my house, it seems that no matter what I do I always end up with a brown, shriveled pile of leaves more reminiscent of crushed cocadas than a once living being.

In order to spare the lives of innocent plants from our inadequate horticultural skills, the trick is to get more resilient vegetation. Certain plants are tougher and need less attention than others; they’re the middle children of the vegetable kingdom, if you will. The top five hard-to-kill plants are dragon tree, devil’s tongue or snake plant, ficus, philodendron and bromeliads. Another plant care trick is to use a ‘plant nanny’, a device you stick in the dirt and it waters the plant gradually. You can make your own out of empty wine bottles by filling them with water and sticking them in the soil upside down. Plus, you get the added bonus of getting to invite a few friends over for a glass of chardonnay. For the sake of your plants’ health, of course.

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