The Ultimate Hair Accessory: Bling Highlights

Dec 27, 10 The Ultimate Hair Accessory: Bling Highlights

When I was a little girl, I wanted to have shimmery hair like a fairy princess’. The closest I ever came was that spray-on glitter that made your hair stick to your head. I looked like my Uncle Pedro with his ultra-gelled, slicked-back hair. Most unflattering. Now there’s a way you can actually get that beautiful shimmer you always dreamed of without the mess and without the fear of ending up of looking like a Latino man. Bling Highlights are shiny strands that are tied into your hair to give it that subtle gleam that make you look right out of a dream sequence in a movie. They come in a rainbow of colors to choose from and you can treat them as you do your regular hair; which is torture them with a plethora of hair styling devices and products. You can take them out whenever you want, or leave them on until your head eventually sheds the strands they’re tied to. Bling out those tresses and sit back as the compliments start pouring in; and maybe a prince to go with that princess-like hair.”

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