The Ultimate Girls Guide to World Cup 2010

Jun 03, 10 The Ultimate Girls Guide to World Cup 2010

Your father loves it. Your brothergirl's guide to the world cup s love it. Every boyfriend you’ve ever had loves it. Don’t try to fight it, chicas, this is one battle you are never going to win. Especially as the summer approaches and your futbol-crazed boyfriends are practically giddy with excitement over the most anticipated event of the year: the FIFA World Cup. They will be inevitably glued to the TV, and if you try to tear them away you might end up doing more harm than good (you don’t want to be la bruja who gets in the way of a good time, do you?). So if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Here at LaCosmopolatina we have a created a handy guide about everything you need to know about the World Cup so you can crack open a Corona and cheer on with the best of them.

The 19th edition of the World Cup is being held in various cities across the colorful nation of South Africa. From June 11 to July 11 the world will be paralyzed as over 1 billion people from over 200 countries tune in to watch the biggest sporting spectacle on Earth. Reigning champions Italy will be defending their title from thirty-one other countries from across the five continents who are vying to take home the gold. Representing for Latin America are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico and Uruguay. This year’s top contenders include Argentina, England, Spain and the ever-popular Brazil. Here’s how the competition works: teams are divided into eight groups of four where they battle it out for the top two spots, as only the top two teams from each group advance to the next round. The US was grouped with England, Slovenia and Algeria, so they should have no problem locking down a spot.  From the second round on comes the knock-out stage of the competition, meaning that if a team loses a match they automatically go home. This goes on until only two teams are left and they dispute the much-awaited final.

While there is a variety of strong players, there are always a select few that stand out. Poised to be this year’s stars are Argentina’s Lionel Messi (currently considered the best player in the world), Portugal’s Armani model Cristiano Ronaldo and Spain’s Fernando “El Niño” Torres. Keep an eye out for the great show these players are sure to put on. Added bonus: dropping their names in any conversation is sure to impress any sports-loving guy.

Don’t worry if you get a little bored by the game, or if you simply cannot grasp the offside rule, there is plenty of eye candy for you to feast on while noviecito screams at the ref. But that’s a topic for another time. Stay tuned as next week we break down the hotties of the World Cup!

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