The Ugly Truth on Finding Love

Apr 12, 12 The Ugly Truth on Finding Love

In the movie, The Ugly Truth, one of the main characters said if you want to attract someone the answer is “called a Stairmaster. Get on it. Nobody falls in love with your personality at first sight”. Rude? Si Señorita. Una mentira? Not entirely. According to a program on the Discovery Channel, we’re attracted to people who can offer us the best possible genetic material that we can pass on to our children. If someone is beautiful they’re more likely to have good DNA, so it makes sense that you’d want to go for el más papasito in the room.

There are a lot of clues that we pick up on that tell us how genetically healthy someone might be. For example, if a guy’s face is pleasantly, symmetrically masculine looking that’s a good indicator that ese hombre has good levels of reproductive hormones. If his body is perfectly proportionate that tells us he had healthy growth while he was in the womb. But, if someone’s skin has signs of a past infection, or they have una panza grande that can be seen as unhealthy. Not to mention, a total turn off.

People also tend to pair up with others who are at their same hotness quotient. Yep. I call William Levy. So, the guys who look like Brad Pitt tend to pair up with chicas who look like Angelina Jolie. Tipico, cierto? But if you’re not necessarily a 10 in society’s standards, you can still end up with un hombre who’s at or close to your number. The science of Discovery Channel’s research on sex appeal seems pretty valid but since you can’t just rely on body instincts alone, here is some advice: if you like a guy, open your boquita and talk to him. You might just charm the pants off him, literally.

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