The Silent Infection You Need To Look Out For

Sep 01, 11 The Silent Infection You Need To Look Out For

Despite the impression abuela may under about your sex life (that you have none, because that’s what you told her – who wants to talk about sex with grandma?), you’re sexually active and responsible about it. You’re well-informed and take the proper precautions to keep yourself healthy. However, there is one STD you may not have heard of, and not because it’s so rare you needn’t worry about it. Quite the contrary, it is estimated that 75% of sexually active people will have at least one HPV (human papilloma virus) infection in their lives. Que que?! That’s some scary stuff right there. But what is downright terrifying is that some strains of HPV can cause warts (eeeeewwwwww!) and others can cause cervical cancer, which can be fatal in some cases. Dios mio bendito, protegenos! In women HPV can be diagnosed fairly easily, unfortunately there is no such test for men. And because HPV is incurable and often shows no symptoms, it’s a good idea to get tested regularly and always use protection. HPV can be spread through all kinds of unprotected sexual contact (vaginal, oral, manual…you get the idea). Sadly, condoms are only about 70% effective against HPV but that’s better than nothing (MUCH better). Your other option is to get an HPV vaccination (available for both men and women), which given these statistics seems like a pretty good idea right about now.

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