The Secret Life Of Rice

Apr 09, 10 The Secret Life Of Rice

rice water for skin care Arroz con pollo, arroz con leche, arroz con coco, arroz con gandules. It seems pretty clear that rice is practically a food group unto itself in our culture. When was the last time your mom or grandma cooked a meal that didn’t include it? And even at this point in life they’re still forcing you to eat every last grain only to point out later that you’re looking “gordita“. Unsurprisingly, rice has found yet another way to invade our lives.

Thankfully, however, this way does not involve the rice eventually settling in your hips. It involves giving you radiant skin. Make your own rice water toner by mixing half a cup of rice (preferably organic) with water and stirring until the water becomes cloudy. Using a colander, pour the water into an empty spice jar (you know, the ones with little holes on top). Apply by soaking a cotton pad and use it to remove impurities and excess oil from your face. You can also make a mask by using a paper towel with cut-outs for eyes, nose and mouth, folding it and soaking it for 10 minutes in the rice water. Remove carefully (don’t rip it!), place it on your face and sit around looking like a Mexican wrestler for 15 minutes while your skin absorbs all the nutrients you never knew rice had. For more detailed instructions watch this video.


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