The Rules Of Giving

Oct 18, 11 The Rules Of Giving

Gift-giving can sometimes be more of a chore than anything else. It may be easy to shop for your BFF’s birthday present, because you’re practically the same person and love the same stuff, but most other occasions are not quite as easy. For example, what do you get your moody teenage sobrina for her high-school graduation? You know she’s going to hate whatever you buy her. And what about your prima’s wedding in Cartagena? Paying for your airfare and hotel are financial burden enough. Fret not, chicas, we have a quick and easy guide to bring the joy back to giving:

  • Gift cards are not the tacky offering they once were, especially when it comes to such thorny recipients as the aforementioned sobrina. Instead of racking your brains for something they are just going to toss aside and never look at again, give a gift card from a store you know the recipient likes. When in doubt, go for an iTunes gift card. Everyone has an iPod, right?
  • Destination weddings can be really tricky. You would think after all the money you spent to be there your presence would be gift enough, right? Well, unfortunately you are still expected to bring something. Of course, it doesn’t need to be as costly as it otherwise would have been if there weren’t so many other expenses already involved.
  • Speaking of weddings, if you are invited but are not planning to attend you are not required to send a gift unless you’re really close friends or family of the bride or groom. Also, save yourself a headache and stick to the registry.
  • Some parents prefer contributions to their baby’s college fund rather than gifts they will outgrow in a matter of months, but are reluctant about asking up-front because it may come off as tacky. Ask them if this is case, even if they haven’t thought of it themselves they might like the idea and you’ll come off as super thoughtful.

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