The Right Stuff For Your Skin Type

May 17, 11 The Right Stuff For Your Skin Type

How much do you know about your skin? I mean really know? Like, what do you know about it beyond the fact that you have an oily t-zone or that you inherited abuela’s tendency to freckle in the sun?  Just because we are all Latinas doesn’t mean we all have the same skin type. There are varying degrees of color, dryness, sensitivity, propensity to acne, wrinkles and more. Not to mention that there are lifestyle factors that affect our skin, such as the weather of the town we live in, sun/tanning exposure, whether we smoke or not, etc. In order to determine what the appropriate products and ingredients for your skin are, you need to know what you’re dealing with first. Skin Type Solutions is a free site created by Dr. Lisa Baumann that helps you get the lowdown on your epidermis through a simple questionnaire and then tells you what you need to look for in skin care products. For example, it turns out my skin is DRNW (dry, resistant, non-pigmented and wrinkled) which means that because I have less protective skin pigmentation, I have a tendency to wrinkle. Thus, the ingredients my skin will most benefit from are sunscreen, moisturizers, retinoids, hydroxy acids, and antioxidants. So instead of wasting a ton of money on creams and lotions that aren’t doing you any good, identify your skin’s characteristics and treat them accordingly, so you can eternally look like a quinceañera.

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