The Right Bra Size Can Change Your Life

Nov 17, 10 The Right Bra Size Can Change Your Life

Do you know your bra size? No, I mean your CORRECT bra size. Because 85% of women out there don’t; they’re just walking around with bras that are too loose to offer appropriate support or so tight they dig into their back or shoulders. Not good. Whether you have America Ferrera-D-Cups or are flat-chested like Shakira, you need to get measured ASAP. And not like your abuela measuring you for your First Communion dress, with an imprecise tape measure and pins that kept sticking into you. The consultants at Intimacy use a holistic measuring method that yields the most accurate bra size. If there isn’t a store near where you live, you can log onto their site for a virtual measuring. Not only will you be more comfortable wearing the right size, you will avoid straps falling down, band raising in the back and breast tissue coming out underneath the wire. Not classy, chica. Since weight fluctuates, you should get measured at least once a year. Valentina Henao, a fashion bra stylist at Intimacy, recommends that you own between 7 and 10 bras, which should be alternated. She also suggested to never wear the same bra two days in a row, since the fibers need 24 hours of rest after they’ve been stretched. Be kind to your lolas. They work hard at making you look good, don’t they?

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