The Right (Beauty) Stuff

Jul 13, 11 The Right (Beauty) Stuff

As non-Caucasian women, we don’t always have the easiest time finding the best make-up for our skin tone or products that fit our specific hair needs (ever tried to tame curls in 85% humidity?). Going through a variety of shampoos and foundations to find the right one is a little like kissing a bunch of frogs to get to Prince Charming, except a lot more expensive. To avoid continuing to pile up half-empty bottles and jars and compacts in your bathroom, you need to buy only what works. ‘But if I knew what worked, I wouldn’t have to spend half my rent money on crap cosmetics,’ you say. Now there is a way to know: House of Mikko helps you find the right products for you, based on the objective recommendations by “like-typed” women (that means chicas who share your beauty goals). There is no hidden agenda (i.e. endorsement affiliations and stuff like that) so you can trust their opinions. Plus, they tell you were to find the products online at competitive prices so you don’t have to scour the mall from top to bottom looking for them. Pretty sweet deal, right? As for that pile of used beauty products, we have an idea of what you can do with them. You’re welcome.

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