The Price Of Fitness

May 21, 10 The Price Of Fitness

The Price Of FitnessIt’s already hard for some of us maintaining our weight, and that’s while still in the prime of our youth.  What’s going to happen further down the road when our metabolism starts to slow down? Visions of protruding love handles and jiggly thighs come to mind. There are steps you can take to preserve your girlish figure well into the future. Yes, ok, liposuction is one of them, but we were thinking of less drastic measures.

Actually, if you never want to watch what you eat again, you don’t have to! But a diet-free existence comes with a hefty price, and that’s 60 minutes of exercise every day. Yup, every day.  I said it was possible, not easy. Exercise helps boost your metabolism, so you don’t have to worry about indulging in empanadas and arroz con leche. If you don’t stay physically active then you have to restrict your caloric intake, it’s that simple. But what about the lipo? Same thing, if you don’t curb your calorie consumption or work out you’ll end up right back where you started: love handles, jiggly thighs and all.”

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