The Perfect Mate May be a Few Clicks Away

Oct 29, 10 The Perfect Mate May be a Few Clicks Away

Shopping online is the zenith of relaxation. There’s nothing quite like perusing item after item from the comfort of your own home without battling crowds or waiting endlessly in line at the cash register. Shouldn’t everything in life be this easy? At least dating can be. I know, I know: online dating is for losers, right? Wrong! You spend hours browsing for the perfect pair of black pumps; why not do the same for your media naranja? There are tons of dating sites out there where you can search for Prince Charming. You can check looks, hobbies, beliefs and much more before you decide whether a chico is worth your precious time. Much easier than suffering through another happy hour at a singles bar, is it not? And definitely better than going on another blind date set up by your mami with her stylist’s gay nephew. Here are a few consejos to keep in mind while you acquaint yourself with the world of cyber dating:

1. Don’t post an overly sexy picture of with all your goodies on display or you’ll get a bunch of guys who are looking for ONE THING ONLY. Unless that’s what you’re looking for, too.

2. Your sexy self is probably going to receive tons of messages from prospective suitors. No need to go off on a guilt trip about responding to every single one; just reply to those you are actually interested in.

3. Once you have reached the point where you’ve decided to meet someone face to face, make a date to go out for a drink or coffee at a casual place. It makes getting the hell out of there easy if the guy turns out to be un loco. You don’t want to be stuck through a three-course meal with Hannibal Lecter, do you?

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