The Perfect Jeans

Jan 01, 12 The Perfect Jeans

Many Latinas have a hard time finding jeans that fit. We tend to have small waists, curvy hips and short legs which does not make for easy shopping. We usually end up with jeans that are either too loose in the waist or too tight in the butt, and too long more often than not. Then we end up spending almost as much money on alterations as the jeans actually cost. It’s what our Papis usually call “un mal negocio”. Well, get ready to say adios to ill-fitting denim because Indi Custom allows you to create custom jeans. Just send in your measurements, pick a style, fit and color and a few weeks later you will have a pair of pants that hug you in all the right places and hides all the wrong ones. It’s incredibly easy and not as expensive as you’d think. Bonus: they make jeans for men too, so you can get your novio a pair that doesn’t look like he stole them from Lil’ Wayne. Win!

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